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The Green Frog Poetry Club has now officially CLOSED! BUT - the frogs are back......see below

a graphic from the latest book
strictly copyright Aime Sacrez 2004

Sue, now known as Susan Macauley has self published her long awaited second book and it is a MUST HAVE!  You won't believe the artwork and any true green frog lover in this world, MUST grab a copy of this book while they can.  The new book is called
This poem was always one of Susan's most requested and she has re-written it especially for the young and the young at heart.  The Green Frog Poetry Club may be closed (and Susan misses her previous 700 members), but don't be blue - BE GREEN and click here to see her latest amazing book, illustrated by her amazing artist - Aime Sacrez
You won't believe how great it is.  Click now!

The new book is out - click the new link above
this picture is strictly covered by copyright - by Aime Sacrez 2004

Please note that no graphics on this page may be copied, or used in any way whatsoever without the permission of Susan Macauley (author) and Aime Sacrez (artist).  Please click the link above to be taken to the new page that has contact details for Susan.

METTA - May all who read this page be blessed.  May all sentient beings be free from suffering.  Love and light to you all.  OM MANI PADME HUM