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Green Frog Poetry Club
LARRY has a LOVER!!!


You all must know by now that I have a Lorikeet called Larry.  Larry is a girl by the way!  Well it seems that Larry has tugged the heart-strings of someone special.  Yes, I honestly think that love is in the air.
Larry received a letter first from Bundi (a lorikeet that belongs to one of our Club members).  But things are hotting up.  Bundi has now sent Larry a Poem.  I think we can all see, that Bundi thinks my 'Larry' is a 'bit of alright'.  And Larry...well Larry hasn't been herself ever since she received this wonderful message of love.
Lovely Lorikeet

My name is Bundi,
I'm a Red Collared Lorikeet.
I ride on Mums shoulder,
And hang on dearly with my feet.

She's at the computer again
typing and searching things out.
She came to a site
and I began to shout!!!

Oh, stop here please,
For I see a bird on the screen,
She's a Rainbow Lorikeet,
With feathers of bright green.

Green Frog Poetry,
That's where she's at.
What's her name,
Someone tell me that.

With wings of green
And a head of blue.
You gorgeous thing,
Your Mum's name is Sue.

Who's this lovely thing,
I'm staring at on the net.
What's your name pretty girl,
I wonder why we haven't met?

Jumping on the keyboard,
Hoping she feels the same.
I typed Hi babe!
What's your name?

No response was given,
Oh, answer me please.
Maybe she's not interested
Or just a big tease.

What's that Mum.
ou know her name?
What did you say,
Are playing a game?

I'm in a state of shock,
Oh, how scary!!
I know her name,
It's a girl called "Larry"




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This page features an original midi file by the very talented 
John Engelmann
 Please note that it is covered by copyright and cannot be used in any way whatsoever unless written permission is granted by John.