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The great thing about this playground is that no-one can get hurt by falling off the monkey bars or burning their bum on a hot slippery dip!


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WELCOME to the GFPC Playground!

You never know what you may find in the Playground, but you are sure to have fun and you may even learn a few things or too.
Most of the info boxes update daily, so you can come back day after day and find something new. 
So if you are ready.....let's go explore! 

Do you like telling jokes?  I do.  Why not share some of these kids riddles with some of the other members of your family!


We all need a little advice sometimes

Advice 4 Kids

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Toddler Tunes

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Kid Jokes

think you have what it takes to run a kiosk? 
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to run a shop?  Making all the decisions.....trying to make a profit.  Here's your chance to find out.  Get mum or dad in on the fun too.
Hmmm...I wonder how you will go?
*thanks Loquax for this fab free game!!!

The Green Frog Poetry Club Kiosk

Each evening you look at the weather forecasts and choose what stocks to buy to sell to your customers on the following day. Mugs of Hot Chocolate sell well on cold days and Glasses of Lemonade sell well on hot days. You have three weeks to try to make as much profit as you can.
Enter your name & start the game!
Lake Loquax game provided by Loquax

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