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Green Frog Poetry Club

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Member for June announced soon
Member for June announced soon

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Members Contributions
If you've written a poem, why not send it to me and you just may have it featured on this page!   Let's share our work and encourage each other.  It's easy to send me a poem.  Just email it to me at

It was the funniest day of my life,
How could I get into so much strife.
The day started with a lovely rosy glow,
For what was ahead, I did not know.
The first thing to go a-wry
Was my hair, it all pointed to the sky.
Next to go wrong, were my poor feet
As I skated on marbles down the street.
The only way I could come to a stop
Was to dive full-length into a shop.
It was my lucky day, it has been said,
For I landed on top of a luxury bed.
Everyone clapped and cheered for all their worth,
For I looked as if I was 'riding the surf'.
Things went smoothly for a while,
I was able to shop in a manner of style.
Then I reached to the top of the stand
For a packet of biscuits, (in big demand).
With a 'Whoosh' and a river of packets of brown
I was swept away; I cried "I will drown!"
So as I sat there looking for a way out,
All I could do was laugh; there is no doubt
That even with no trumpets or fife
It has been the funniest day of my life!
Daphne Shead.

Dont forget - if you would like to see your poem here, send it to me via email. 


Remember.........your poems don't need to be about frogs.  They can be about anything at all.  And they don't even have to rhyme.  Let yourself go and express yourself freely.  Writing poetry is great fun and we'd love to feature your work right here in this space next month!