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Green Frog Poetry Club
Sue's monthly Tropical Tip
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Sue's Tropical Tip of the Month

Ahhh...what the heck
This month, instead of a tip
Let's have a song!!

text copyright Sue Macauley
illustration copyright A Sacrez & S Macauley

The Ants Song


May be sung to the tune

"When Johnny comes marching home again"


The ants go flying one by one - Hurrah  Hurrah!

'Cos they got in the hose of the air-con in my car..MY CAR!!!!!

The ants go flying one by one,

The small ones were lighter and bypassed their Mum,

Yes, they shot out my vents

At a hundred miles an hour.


The ants go flying one by one  - Hurrah  Hurrah,

Who could have guessed that ants could fly so far?

Their faces were shocked and so was mine,

Like the Rollercoaster ride of all time,

Yes they all went flying

All around my car.


Copyright  Sue Brennan/Macauley 1999


If you do not know the tune of "When Johnny comes marching home again - Hurrah Hurrah, try doing an internet search


By the way - this REALLY happened to my mum in the tropics!


If you live in the tropics, BOOKMARK this page for upcoming invaluable tropical tips! 

This page features an original midi file by the very talented 
John Engelmann
 Please note that it is covered by copyright and cannot be used in any way whatsoever unless written permission is granted by John.