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Green Frog Poetry Club
Who is Sue Macauley anyway?
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The 'Green Frog Poo lady' revealed

Hi Gang,
I get a lot of people emailing me, wanting to know a little more about my life, so what follows is a VERY brief summary of Sue Macauley in a nutshell. 
My name is Susan Lee Macauley (formerly Brennan) but I prefer the name of Sue.  I have been called many other things in my life (hmmm....?) including "that green frog poo lady", but my other nickname is Liza (and this is used mainly by my husband!)  Speaking of which, I am VERY happily married (for the second and last time) and my husband David has just recently transferred from the Army to the RAAF.  That makes me a serviceman's wife folks and it ain't all tea and biscuits I can tell you!  But as I am fiercely patriotic and adore my native land Australia with all my heart, I feel as if I am helping to serve my country by supporting my husband's career. 
I am an author/self publisher/motivational speaker/ ex retail manager/ex promotions and marketing manager - etc and so on.
My claim to fame is a book of poetry called "There's Green Frog Poo in my sneaker again!".  To date, I have sold 3000 copies.  Until now, my book has only been sold through word of mouth and self promotion at speaking engagements.  I have also had a cd released, a t-shirt range, bumper stickers and a dunny door poster.
I was born on the 4th of April 1968 (no - NOT April fools day as some people like to suggest, though it was a close call).  That makes me 34 gang.  I am told that when I was born, the doctor slapped me to make me cry and I slapped him back!  My star sign is Aries you see (and I'm a stubborn fiery Ram at times too).
I have green eyes, am 5 foot 7 inches tall and have red hair (but it isn't my natural colour).
I have 4 step-children by my second marriage (2 girls and 2 boys).  They currently live in WA and we miss them.
Pets - well I have this GIANT poodle called Taylor (half poodle, half gorilla I reckon) and as you no doubt know, I have a Lorry called "Larry".  My beautiful rainbow lorry comes almost everywhere with me and is my little mate!  Oh - and Larry is a girl (long story!)
I LOVE BOOKS and reading.  My husband and I have about 5000+ books here at home and have one room we call our Library.  I particularly like and collect Australiana, old and rare children's books, readers and annuals.  My husband is a fantasy fanatic.  We both love 'Lord of the Rings' and 'Harry Potter'.
I also adore music of all kinds.  My favourite groups are Santana, Savage Garden/Darren Hayes, Eiffel 65, Linkin Park and Simply Red.  My favourite song of all time is 'Smooth" by Santana. 
The people I admire most in the world is the Dalai Lama (and I am a Buddhist) and Mother Teresa's former work. 
Highlights of my life to date include reciting for a large crowd of 2000 people, spending a week with some Tibetan monks and all the time I spent as a radio announcer on a Townsville Breakfast show. 
Before I became ill (I have an incurable but not fatal condition and to date have had about 44 ops), I had a wonderful career. Ahh...if only hospitals had frequent flyer points!   I was very fortunate to have won 3 of the highest Australian awards for excelling in Customer Service during my selling career.  I have worked in Promotions and Marketing, Retail management, Bookshops and Librarys and in Administration and Project support.  Actually, I am kind of a 'Jill of all trades'.
Well that's all for now or you will fall asleep. 
love Sue :-)
PS - If you would like to see my family you can visit my photo page. 

Well...that's me in a nutshell.....
NOW would someone PLEASE let me out!!!

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