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Sue's 'Sling us some Slang' lesson


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Sue's 'Sling us some Slang' lesson
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This months lesson is focused on Aussie slang beginning with the letter

Loo (we had to start with this one)!- toilet, lav, dunny

Lead foot- An impatient fast driver

Who opened their 'lunch box' - Ok, who farted?

Larrikin'- a cheeky bugger

To take a 'leak'!- to visit the loo for a no. 1

Liquid amber- beer

liquid laugh- Ick! vomit (usually happens after the above)

Lippy- Lipstick

To have a 'lend' of someone- to trick or lie to someone






This page features an original midi file by the very talented 
John Engelmann
 Please note that it is covered by copyright and cannot be used in any way whatsoever unless written permission is granted by John. 

If you can read this, you probably don't need glasses!

May all your gecko's poo in someone else's house!