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Sue's Poetry about love and life


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Sue's Poetry about love and life
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Many people wonder if I only write 'funny' poetry.  The answer to that is NO!  In fact, as I was growing up, I mostly wrote about my life and I used  my Poetry to express  'who I was'.  I am sure that many of you in the Club did much the same.  So, here is where I will share some of my more sentimental efforts.  I'd love to hear your responses to them.


Just one moment


If I was granted just one moment,

Where I could do anything.....go anywhere,

I would choose to be in front of you

And into your eyes I'd stare


I would gently reach and touch you

I would bare my very soul

And for the first time in both our lives,

We would become completely whole


I would whisper that I love you,

And I would hold you very close

Then you would know with certainty

It's you I love the most


I know that you've been searching,

Stop searching now and rest

I believe our love will conquer all

And stand up to any test


My heart is full of wonder,

At the way you've set me free,

You have given me the courage

To be all that I can be


I will wait for you forever,

And I will love you all that time,

And one day if you want me too

I'll be yours and youll be mine


I would give all that I have and own,

For that one moment, to let you know

That you are loved beyond your wildest dreams

And my love for you still grows.




Sue Macauley 15/01/99


Would you like me to share more of my poetry about life and love with you?  I would really welcome some feedback.  Would you like me to keep one page of the site for poems like this one? 

Each day is a gift!